Painting after a water damage

Water damage Un Peintre Pro (House painter)

Water damage is part of the damage that can happen within your home. In order to be able to treat a wall or to repair a ceiling after an infiltration or a leak of water, you have to use a method to avoid unpleasant surprises. A window badly closed, a dubious seal, a broken pipe, … The causes of a water damage can be many and especially not always visible at a glance. It may take several days to notice.

After water damage, how long to let dry before repainting? Unfortunately, the water leaves no choice: we have to wait until the surface dry completely to be able to start work without risks. There may also be odors. It will also be necessary to ensure that the cause of the damage has been resolved, to avoid bad surprises.

How to treat an area affected by water damage? It will be necessary to begin to clean up the surface affected by the damage of the waters. To do this we use a dewatering plant. An electrode system will send electrical pulses to chase water from your surface. Or we can also wait until the surface dries by itself.

Once the surface is dry, we can scratch it to remove any residue of paint or plaster. We can then apply an anti-mold treatment. We treat your wall with a usual anti-fungal product. Some are specially designed for the interior. It is also possible to use a commercially available anti-humidity coating to treat your surface.

First of all, we check again that the surface is now dry. If not, the paint will not adhere. Very often, rings will appear on your surface after water damage. These immense stains are very unattractive, and can be partially moist. Above all, they can prevent you from achieving a perfect result in a minimum of past layers.

We start by applying a waterproof undercoat printing to improve adhesion of the paint. This step is essential on a surface that has suffered from water damage. Indeed, the water infiltrating a wall or ceiling deeply degrades this amount. Moisture stains may appear over the paint without the water repellent undercoat.

We then apply the oil-based paint, acrylic and not to prevent the possible return of moisture, and therefore tasks on your walls. The choice of paint is crucial due to water damage. It is recommended to pass a first coat and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before spending a second.

Do not hesitate to call Un Peintre Pro to advise you according to the damage of the water that you will have undergone in your interior.

Specialties - Painting after a Water Damage
Our Specialties - Painting after a Water Damage

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