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Wallcovering Master Un Peintre Pro (House painter)

Un Peintre Pro, contractor painter, upholsterer, multi-service, has come to stand as a bomber and installer of wallpaper in the residential sector. Our professional team of wall-paper, has come to stand as a bomber and installer of wallpaper and tapestry picture, in the residential sector.

On one wall or four, on the ceiling or walls, or even for decorating a headboard, wallpaper is a real decor unifier, completing the decoration of a room. Though wallpaper hanging is easy enough for everyone to do, it does require time and attention to detail.

This article deals with hanging pre-pasted wallpaper, the easier application. Unpasted wallpaper requires a special technique, since it involves applying adhesive. The following steps outline wallpaper hanging to cover the walls and ceiling of a room where mouldings are installed.

Description of the service

Un Peintre Pro, contractor painter, also a professional wallpaper designer in Quebec, has also distinguished himself as a setter and installer of wallpaper and pre-bonded tapestry in the residential and commercial sector.

The installation of wallpaper and pre-glued wallpaper requires dexterity and special knowledge. A good wallpaper maker will avoid demarcations and pattern cuts, while taking care that the coating will fit all desired surfaces. We also offer the service of removing the old wallpaper.

Advice of your Installer and wallpapering

Wallpaper has always been synonymous with interior decoration. But, for some time, the wallpaper makes a comeback in force. The tapestry is very trendy today!

With this fashion that comes back, colors and patterns have never been so varied. In addition, the new types of tapestry available on the market are washable and are more resistant to moisture. And when the time comes for renovations, they are removed much more easily.

If you chose to install wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom, go for a non-pasted wallpaper. Indeed, these parts are more humid. The tapestry will hold better if you use wallpaper with wallpaper glue. Personally, I find that vinyl wallpaper is the best choice for the bathroom.

Before laying wallpaper clean the walls with a suitable product, such as T.S.P., then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Thoroughly inspect the wall or will install the wallpaper as any defects on the wall will affect the beauty of the wallpaper’s image. The defects will appear more important after the installation if the defects are not corrected. One thing that is often overlooked and that needs to be done is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and information.

Different types of wallpaper

Wallpaper, nowadays, is more than a practical coating. It has become a major decorative element. Also, the market supply is to the tastes of the most demanding consumers. Tapestries can be very trendy but also very expensive. This is another reason for calling on a good craftsman. Artisan painter upholsterer can also make repairs without any worries and without any demarcation ..

Vinyl wallpaper

Today we offer a vinyl wallpaper, solid and easy to maintain. I advise them for wet places, bathroom or kitchen for example. Also on the premises where you put your hands easily, brushing the walls. A washable vinyl tapestry is then very appreciated. Depending on the quality of the treatment received, the wallpaper can be shiny or matt. It is necessary to glue the wall and the back of the vinyl tapestry for a perfectly successful work.

What type of wallpaper to choose?

This must be suitable for the room in which it will be installed, but also in the condition of the walls to which you will put it. For example, a vinyl wallpaper is suitable for the bathroom, while embossed papers can be used on irregular walls.

When selecting your paper, make sure that each roll indicates the same batch number. The colors may vary slightly from one series to the next, so make sure you have a wallpaper of the same production and you will be able to order again if necessary.

The choice of paper will of course depend on your tastes and budget. It can be complicated but first and foremost think of the effect you are looking for, at the rooms where you want to put it, the maintenance that this wallpaper will require.

An internet visit can help you make informed choices before going to the dealer. Decoration ideas are not lacking on the appropriate blogs. Decorators and interior designers also have a thousand choices to offer.

Establish the Number of Rolls you need

Wallpaper is usually sold in rolls 10m L X .53m W.

Calculate the total surface area to be covered in square feet and add a surplus of between 15% and 20%, allowing for cutting remnants and waste. It is usually better to buy more wallpaper rolls than your calculations indicate in order to be sure of having rolls from the same lot.

The Difference Between a Mural and Wallpaper

MURAL: A Mural is often a photography or an illustration that is separated into panels identified from left to right by numbers. The quantity of panels is variable on the width of the wall and the media width.

WALLPAPER: The Wallpaper is a texture/pattern that repeats itself over and over.

Wallpaper installation services
Wallpaper installation — Laying wallpaper

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