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Decorating Tips & Advice Un Peintre Pro (House painter)

Cleaning paint brushes & accessories
  • Easy tips for cleaning paint brushes & accessories

  • Decorating
  • The best painters will tell you that a good clean-up at the end of the day is essential. Not only does it keep your tools in top shape, which means easier application and cleaner lines, but it also prolongs the life of your paint rollers, trays and brushes.
Common painting mistakes
Tips to hang wallpaper
  • Tips to hang wallpaper inexpensively

  • Decorating
  • You don’t need to shell out the big bucks to give your walls a makeover. Here are some home decor tips for hanging wallpaper on the cheap.
Using leftover paint
Principaux services résidentielle
  • Home decor secrets: how colour can affect mood

  • Decorating
  • The colours you surround yourself with at home can influence your mood and sense of well-being. Which ones will you choose? In general, the function of a particular room determines whether you choose warm or cold, dark or light, and strong or subdued colours.
Pointers for eco-friendly painting
  • Pointers for eco-friendly painting at home

  • Decorating
  • Conventional paint is among the most polluting substances in a typical home as it is non-biodegradable and leaches chemicals into landfills. Follow these tips to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to painting at home.
Painting like a pro
Wallpaper hassle-free
  • Install your wallpaper hassle-free

  • Decorating
  • Wallpaper can transform a room significantly. It can be used to delineate the different parts of a room or even make it look larger. The current trend is for wallpaper to be laid on one or two walls rather than in the entire room. Here’s how you can do it to execute this sometimes delicate task.
Mastering the art of frieze
  • Mastering the art of frieze and choice of colors

  • Decorating
  • Making an elegant piece can be easy with a frieze or the right choice of color. Discover how to master the art of frieze and the choice of colors to make your pieces elegant and vibrant.
Fresh look with the right interior paint
  • Give your room a fresh look with the right interior paint

  • Decorating
  • When you’re thinking about repainting the walls in your home, the most important thing to know is how to choose the right interior paint. Before your next paint project, consider how each room is used and how you want it to look. These tips will help you with the basics.
Tips for accent wall
  • 7 tips for painting an accent wall

  • Decorating
  • Accent walls add a conversation-starting element to any space and can tie a room together. Here are seven simple tips that will make painting your own accent wall a snap.
Tie with the perfect wallpaper selection
  • Tie the room together with the perfect wallpaper selection

  • Decorating
  • Go big or go home with a perfectly bold wallpaper selection. It’s a great way to make any old room feel like new. Wallpaper has a significant impact on a room. It can subdivide and structure a room, as well as make it appear larger. The trend these days is to wallpaper only one or two walls rather than the entire space.

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